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SELF's call for speakers ends Saturday 4/25 at 11:59 PM ET.  I'd encourage
anybody interested to submit a talk.  We do go a bit out of our way to try
to help bring up local FOSS talent in LUGs throughout the southeast.   So
even if you only experience was a nervous talk in front of your local LUG
... c'monnn submit it.  You have nothing to lose.  Submit here:

Secondly, if anybody is interested in helping out a bit with SELF,
particularly when it comes to representing us at local events (LUG
meetings, local tech group meetings, local conferences) we'd love to hear
from you.  We call these people Ambassadors.  In exchange for doing a bit
of local leg work to represent SELF, we send you swag/goodies and maybe
even fly you expenses paid to awesome events like the Southern California
Linux Expo (SCaLE) to help run our booth there.   Or if those bright lights
are a bit much, and you're just interested in volunteering, we'd love to
hear from you as well.   Either way, shoot an email to
info at southeastlinuxfest.org

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you in June!
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