[Tuxaloosa] Summary of 10/28 Meeting

Michael Ramm michaelramm at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 13:33:22 UTC 2008

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming out last night. I think that it was a great start. I
wanted to send this out as a recap of the meeting.

   - We will house the webpage at http://tuxaloosa.org.
   - Robby created the mailing list at the address tuxaloosa at tuxaloosa.org.
   - We will meet monthly on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Capture
   Studio Cafe on University Blvd. One problem for November meeting is
that Techmixer
   Unplugged <http://www.techbirmingham.com/unplugged-2/> is slated for
   November 13, 2008 in Birmingham. We can meet the week before (11/6) or week
   after (11/20). *Discuss*.
   - Stewart is working up an icon for the group as well as a typeface for
   the name.
   - We settled on Tuscaloosa Linux Users Group (I think). Correct me if I
   am wrong.
   - Robby is starting a Linux User Group at Tuscaloosa County High School.
   The meeting are the 1st and 3rd Friday at 3:00pm in Room 2214 at TCHS. He
   has 3-5 students interested. I think that this could be a huge opportunity
   for our group to get the word out about Linux at the high school level.
   - After the meeting, Erik floated to the mailing list a project that he
   is involved in building computers to giveaway. Again, this is a great
   opportunity for our group to get rid of parts and expose folks to linux.

I think that may be it. I think that we are group of enthusiasts that is
committed to spread Linux to our community. I want to try to get Cameron
Purvis involved. He is one of the Unix guys at the Seebeck Computer Center
on UA's campus. I will be shooting him an email shortly seeing if he would
like to be involved.

Please add to, or modify, anything that you might be remembering

Thanks for getting involved.

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