[Tuxaloosa] eric's project and listserv

Mark Greene mark at markgreene.info
Wed Oct 29 04:20:49 UTC 2008

First, can we set the listserv up so the reply-to address is to the listserv address and not the poster of the original msg?

I think that's a great project that the group can help with but without a steady source of computers the workload would be patchy at best. 

How I see the group being able to contribute to Eric's project:

1) Advertising on our site a means of requesting a free but used linux system when one is found. 

2) BLUG has branded ubuntu to make a BLUG distro. We could do this as a group and this would be what we start loading. So we could run a jabber server, irc, etc and the distro would come configured to connect to them and to load our homepage and stuff. 

- mark

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