[Tuxaloosa] pet project

E Hanson leprkhn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 01:34:19 UTC 2008

hello all
i didn't get around to mentioning it at the meeting earlier and would up 
having to run sooner than expected, but i have a project that i have 
been trying to get up and running.
for the last year (or so) i have been collecting (and receiving 
donations of - i'll get to that in a minute) old/broken computers, 
patching them up, installing ubuntu, and giving them away to folks who 
need (but maybe can't afford) a computer. something like freegeek.
i have given away only five boxes so far (mostly to folks on tuscaloosa 
freecycle, but a couple elsewhere), but i have another 5 - 10 sitting 
here (only three that are ready to go w/ubuntu 804 installed).
the great part is that my wife and i own a non-profit (book exchange) 
that i am able to do this under the blanket of. i dont really know how 
(or if) something like this is going to grow here in tuscaloosa, or how 
to make it more than a hobby for myself, but i am very open to 
suggestions and would be interested to know what some of you think.

erik hanson

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