[Tuxaloosa] location of xorg.conf on fedora?

Robby Workman rw at rlworkman.net
Tue Nov 4 20:53:50 UTC 2008

On Tue, 04 Nov 2008 14:12:53 -0600
E Hanson <leprkhn at gmail.com> wrote:

> on a whim today i thought i'd try the new fedora 10 release candidate
> on my fun box. usually when i install a new distro on this box (i
> have three 80G partitions + swap), they never detect my monitor
> correctly (i think that this is because it is connected through an
> iogear KVM), and i wind up with very low resolution options.
> my solution to this is to mount up /dev/sda2 (my slackware partition) 
> and copy the xorg.conf that slackware (and only slackware i've found) 
> properly configures, to the new distro's /etc/X11/.
> it doesn't look like fedora puts their xorg.conf in the place that i
> am used to finding it.
> so where is it?
> does this different configuration mean that copying that known
> working xorg.conf to fedora is going to work?

Fedora is bleeding edge, so they're almost surely taking advantage of
the new "autoconfiguration" of X via HAL or {Policy,Device,Console}Kit
with Xorg 7.4.  IOW, there isn't a config file, because it's not needed.

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