[Tuxaloosa] Question about /boot

Beddingfield, Allen allen at ua.edu
Tue Oct 18 16:25:05 UTC 2011

Okay...  I recently kicked off a filesystem layout holy war on a 
SUSE-centered mailing list, so I thought I would get opinions here.

I normally create a 500MB /boot as a primary partition, and format it as 
ext3, then use XFS for everything else.
The source of the holy war on the other forum was my advising someone to 
configure their /boot as above.  It seems that there are a large number 
of people out there who think /boot should only ever be ext2....and as 
many others who think it should always be ext3.

FYI, the normal layout I will do is:
If partition based
/boot (500mb) ext3 primary partition
/ (usually just one large XFS  "/"  for most systems- the source of 
other holy wars) primary partition
Depending on the role of the server, I may also do a /srv or /var with XFS

If LVM based:
/boot (500mb) ext3 primary partition
volume group name:  vgroup-system
logical volumes:  lv-swap, vl-system-root
Sometimes lv-srv or lv-var
If the /srv or /var are a different disk system, vgroup-srv or 
vgroup-var, with lv-srv and lv-var

Allen B.

Allen Beddingfield
Systems Engineer
The University of Alabama

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