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Cameron Purvis cameron.purvis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 12:15:40 UTC 2009

I had a similar resolution gripe with the Dell Mini 9.  I never got to plug
it into a real monitor but I presume it should be able to do at least
1024x768 on an external display.  Some web sites and applications were
fairly inconvenient due to the need for excessive scrolling on the low-res
screen (Quicken, I'm looking at you).  Does the Aspire do better resolution
on external displays?

I could see a netbook as a kind of natural low-power system that could dock
into a full-size keyboard, mouse and video.

And the barcode / kung-fu grip / portable data entry device process you
demonstrated last night was really keen!

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 5:59 AM, Stewart Dean <studean at comicnet.net> wrote:

> The only thing that really bothers me about the Aspire One is the
> resolution.  I'm completely happy with mine in almost all other respects.
>  The speed feels snappy in XP and OSX, somewhat less so in Mandriva, though
> I've not really done any tweaking in that yet.  It really depends on what
> you want one for -- if you just want a computing device that's small enough
> to be convenient for quick web lookups or whatnot, the Aspire Ones are still
> great machines, and I'd think they should hold their value pretty well...
> Another handy use that occurred to me the other day -- when paired with a
> barcode reader, you've got a great portable data entry device!  There's a
> gap between the screen and the keyboard that you can curl a couple of
> fingers around to secure a tight grip, then you can scan and enter 'til the
> cows come home.  Unless of course you've barcoded your cows, then you might
> want to wait until after they've come home to scan...
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