[Tuxaloosa] install mysql in non-default location

Mark Greene mark at markgreene.info
Mon Nov 17 23:05:46 UTC 2008

Interesting question. I never thought about but I'm sure I will need this answer in the future. Its looking like you need to simply edit your 'my.conf' file for mysql, which is typically located in the root of /etc. 

Change the path of the following:

There you go. If you already have this in production simply copy everything from the original paths into the new paths. I would use rsync -a to preserve file attributes. 

Restart mysql when you're done of course. 

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i'm setting up vtigerCRM on Debian Etch.
the box has an old RAID card in it that i have 2x80G IDE-100 in raid1 
set up with dmraid.
OS is running on a separate 40G HD.
for the purpose of data redundancy i want the database running (or 
stored?) in the array.
so... how do i set up mysql to do this?

is this really what i want?
RAID is /dev/dm-0 mounted at /mnt/raid
i've never done anything like this before, so any input is very welcome.

erik hanson
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